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We’ve asked the more than 65 operators, vendors and hubs from six different continents to share exactly what it is they think will need to happen to kick-start the road to 5G, a...
Houman Sadeghi Kaji @ Lotus Communication Inc.
How about a 5G-Ready connected flowerpot? Yes, over the next four years 5G will emerge as a superior Radio Access Technology. Though we are just at the beginning of the standar...
Thierry Van de Velde @ Nokia Networks
5G promises exponentially faster speeds, higher capacity, lower latency and more throughput than today’s networks. It will use existing LTE standards and technology as its found...
Houman Sadeghi Kaji @ Lotus Communication Inc.
When we talk about 5G, there is one phrase that everyone agrees and likes to say – 5G will not only enhance speeds, but also have every thing ‘connected’ and every industry ‘con...
Dr. Michelle M. Do @ Netmanias
In this article I will be wrapping up different visions around the industry and try to find answers to whether what 5G will deliver has become too utopian or not.
Barkan Ersoy @ Vodafone UK
The introduction of 5G will accelerate digital transformation in many industry verticals, enabling new use cases in areas like big data, connected cars, smart homes, smart citie...
Mohammad AbuSalah @ IDC
With '5G' (whatever that is) likely more than 5 years away (if it happens) this could be a good time to point out that high-performance, low-latency, low cost wireless is alread...
Claus Hetting @ Wi-Fi NOW
Timeline of 5G in ITU-R and 3GPP ITU-R: Detailed timeline of IMT-2020 (5G) 3GPP: Detailed Timeline of 5G 3GPP...
Dr. Michelle M. Do @ Netmanias
One-Shot Gallery
Dr. Michelle M. Do @ Netmanias
One-Shot Gallery
Industrial automation increasingly needs good wireless connectivity for robots, sensors and other systems. Mobile operators and telcos are poorly-suited to providing it, especia...
Dean Bubley @ Disruptive Analysis




   Network Architecture Evolution

   from 4G to 5G




   KT 5G Network Architecture 






   Korea Communication Review


   December 2016









  Nokia's D-RAN/C-RAN Evolution  Architecture


  KT Network Architecture - Current


  KT 5G Network Architenture


  Network Architecture Evolution from 4G

  to 5G


  5G network as envisioned by KT -

  Analysis of KT's 5G network architecture


  SK Telecom 4G LTE Network


  SK Broadband/SK Telecom's Gigabit

  Internet Access Network


  5G POC (Test, Trial) Status in Korea


  E2E Network Slicing - Key 5G technology

  : What is it? Why do we need it?

  How do we implement it?




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Samsung and Verizon Announce First 5G Customer Trials Set to Begin in Q2 2017

In pre-commercial testing started from early December last year, the 5G system demonstrated multi-gigabit throughputs at radio distances of up to 1...


KDDI and Samsung Successfully Demonstrate 5G Handover Using 28GHz Spectrum on a City Highway in Tokyo

KDDI and Samsung Electronics today announced they have successfully completed a 5G handover trial. It is Japan’s first ever 5G multi-cell handover...


Samsung Unveils New Possibilities for the Future of Mobile Communication at MWC 2017

Unveiling new possibilities for the future of mobile communications, Samsung Electronics will showcase a portfolio of its newest network solutions,...


Samsung C-Lab to Exhibit New VR Projects at MWC 2017

Samsung Electronics announced that it will showcase four innovative Creative Lab (C-Lab) projects, delivering a broad spectrum of experiences via V...


SK Telecom to Unveil ‘360 VR Live’ at MWC 2017

SK Telecom today announced that it will unveil its 360-degree live broadcast platform named ‘360 Adaptive VR Live Streaming Platform (hereinafter r...


Samsung Announces Commercial Readiness of its 5G RFIC

Samsung Electronics announced the commercial readiness of its 5G RF Integrated Circuit (RFIC) – a key component in the production and commercializa...


World’s First 5G Federated Network Slicing Grants Global Reach

SK Telecom announced today that SK Telecom, Deutsche Telekom (DT), Ericsson have jointly built and demonstrated the world’s first intercontinental...


Chairman Hwang Chang Kyu to transform KT into a platform provider with over 20% of its revenues coming from platform business by 2020

Last week, at the ‘2017 New Year Strategies Workshop’, KT Chairman Hwang Chang Kyu unveiled a blueprint for the management strategies in his second...


SK Telecom, Ericsson and BMW Korea Realize 3.6 Gbps for 5G Connected Car

SK Telecom today announced that it, together with Ericsson and BMW Korea, has realized a peak rate of 3.6 Gbps for a connected vehicle travelling a...


KT opens up Home AI era with GiGA Genie, the world's first AI TV

KT unveiled GiGA Genie, the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) TV set-top box (and also service) at a press conference held on the 17th. Th...


SK Telecom to invest $9.2 billion over the next three years - $4.2 billion for new ICT ecosystem and $5.0 billion for futuristic network (5G, 2.6 GHz, etc.)

On the 11th, SK Telecom broked the news that it will invest a total of $9.2 billion, specifically $4.2 billion in building a new ICT ecosystem and...


SK Telecom, Ericsson and Qualcomm announce collaboration on 5G NR trials to accelerate wide-scale 5G deployments

SK Telecom, Ericsson, and Qualcomm Technologies today announced that plans to conduct interoperability testing and over-the-air field trials based...