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About Netmanias.com






Who We Are 


The one and only portal dedicated to network and communication in Korea


Netmanias.com, a portal dedicated to network and communication founded in 2002, has been providing a venue for professionals in the industry to obtain and share knowledge on wired/mobile network service/infrastructure, latest trends and key technologies in the network and communication industry for the past 15 years. Netmanias.com’s English site launched in 2012.


Covered Topics: 5G, 4G, X-Haul, Gigabit Internet, IoT, IPTV, SDN/NFV, Korea Operators


As of January 2018, Netmanias.com has more than 49,000 subscribers.


  About Netmanias.com





Our Sites


Netmanias English Site

As of January 2018, Netmanias English Site (www.netmanias.com/en) has more than 17,000 global subscribers and 600,000 global visitors annually.





Netmanias Korean Site

As of January 2018, Netmanias Korean Site (www.netmanias.com/ko) has more than 32,000 Korean subscribers and 700,000 Korean visitors annually.






Our Team

Four editors   Site development and operation

Select topics and create content 
• All with 16+ years of experience in network 
   consulting for local and global clients
Internally, we:

• Analyze the latest global and local trends and 
• Discover key content topics  

Externally, we: 
• Communicate with global and local vendors

  on a regular basis
• Attend global and local conferences and

  exhibits and interview key figures


Platform development

Dedicated to development and operation of Netmanias.com for the past 12 years


Platforms developed

• Content management system

• Subscriber management system

• Target marketing system: Analyze Subscriber

  behavior patterns through interworking of the

  above two systems

Content globalization   Contributors

One in-house linguist for content globalization 
• Dedicated linguist in Seattle, WA, USA
• With + 15 years of experience in IT 
  globalization and localization (Google,  

  Microsoft, Tableau, etc.)
• Translating all content posted on

  Netmanias.com for the past five years 

  40+ Professionals






Phone: +82-2-3444-5747

E-mail: tech@netmanias.com