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5G Core Sharing Cases

Private 5G Deployment   • Private 5G Frequency Allocation Status in Korea  South Korean government's regulations on private 5G and KT's strategy for entering the market
Cases in Korea   Private 5G Operators |   SK Networks Service (SI) Sejong Telecom (Wire-line Carrier) KT MOS (Affiliate of KT) • Newgens (SI) more >>  
    Enterprise DIY |   Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (Power Plant) Korea Electric Power Corporation (Energy) • Republic of Korea Navy more >>
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1. Private 5G Network Trends 2. Private 5G Network Service of Mobile Operator 3. Private 5G Netw...
NG-PON2 Solution for 10G Internet Service: SK’s Development & Deployment
Brief Survey on 5G RAN Practical Deployment Scenario: From 2-tier (4G: BBU and RRH) to 3-tier (5G...
Price: $695 (Single license) | $2,995 (Corporate license) • Author: Harrison J. Son @ Netmanias •...
Price: $695 (Single license) | $2,995 (Corporate license) • Author: Harrison J. Son @ Netmani...
Price: $695 (Single license) | $2,995 (Corporate license) • Author: Harrison J. Son @ Netmanias...
Netmanias recently had an interview via email with Mr. Wayne Cheung, Product Marketing Director a...
This white paper first introduces the features and telco-grade capabilities of the cloud native S...
This white paper will review the vision and strategy of Samsung 5G Core, the architecture of Sams...
VoLTE Call Setup Flow - PDN Connection
Understanding Key Features of 5G NR Standards and Samsung’s Contribution
This paper presents architecture for a user plane function (UPF) in the mobile packet core (MPC)...
• Content Delivery Network Overview • Content Delivery Network Architecture • Content Delivery Ma...
Network Slice is a concept within 3GPP CT and its history can be traced back to R13/R14 with the...
This whitepaper explores the new 5G core architecture and how it solves the present-day problems...
In this blog, we will look at KEPCO's case of IoT-based predictive maintenance, unmanned maintena...
Billing (be it for Telecom/SaaS/XaaS/Utility/etc.) is the process of accurately accounting for th...
In this blog, we will discuss the Korean government policy on private 5G and KT's private 5G netw...
In this blog, we look at the service cases of private 5G operators in Japan and the United States...
Let's take a look at the on-premise type (building both core and RAN in the workplace) private 5G...
In this blog, we look at the background of the emergence of private 5G and private 5G operators,...
my5G, HFR Private 5G Solution: Purpose-Built, On-Premise E2E Private 5G Network for Realizing Ent...





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2023.11.30 [Tech Blog]

KEPCO's Private 5G network and Applications: IoT-based predictive maintenance, robot-based maintenance inspection, and safety management


2023.11.28 [One-Shot]

Real-world use cases of private 5G in hospitals


2023.10.01 [One-Shot]

Survey of Private 5G Network Applications in the Energy Industry


2023.07.04 [One-Shot]

Local 5G case of Hanshin Electric Railway in Japan


2023.06.21 [One-Shot]

[HFR Presentation] What are the differences in HFR private 5G? my5G - 7 benefits


2023.06.16 [One-Shot]

[HFR's Presentation] How to manage and operate private 5G?


2023.06.08 [Tech Blog]

South Korean government's regulations on private 5G and KT's strategy for entering the market in response


2023.05.24 [One-Shot]

Case study on the Republic of Korea Navy's Private 5G network deployment in Korea


2023.05.20 [One-Shot]

KT's AWS Cloud-based Private 5G network deployment in Korea


2023.05.17 [One-Shot]

South Korea's Private 5G Government Policy and KT's Strategy


2023.05.12 [One-Shot]

Case study on Private 5G service of "Newgens" in Korea: Amusement park (Lotte World)


2023.05.10 [One-Shot]

Private 5G Frequency Allocation Status in Korea (36 locations)


2023.05.08 [One-Shot]

Case study on Korea Electronic Power Corporation (KEPCO) 's private 5G network deployment in Korea: Substation


2023.05.02 [One-Shot]

Case study on Private 5G service of "SK networks service" in Korea: Logistics


2023.04.28 [One-Shot]

Case study on Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP)'s private 5G network deployment in Korea: Power Plant


2023.04.28 [One-Shot]

Case study on Private 5G service of Sejong Telecom in Korea: Industrial Complex


2023.04.26 [Tech-Blog]

Commercial Private 5G service cases (5G core control plane sharing type) - Japan and US


2023.04.21 [Tech-Blog]

Commercial Private 5G service cases (on-premise type: build both 5G core and 5G RAN in the workplace) - Japan, Germany, US and UK


2023.03.14 [Tech-Blog]

4 Deployment Models for Private 5G Networks


2023.03.09 [One-Shot]

Private 5G Status in Korea (2): Enterprise DIY Case Study


2022.12.30 [One-Shot]

Private 5G Status in Korea (1): Private 5G Service Providers in Korea 

Last updated on April 27, 2023


2022.06.07 [One-Shot]

Current status of commercialization of private 5G frequencies in countries around the world


2022.03.24 [One-Shot]

Status of Private 5G PoC and Commercial Service in Korea and Japan: Vertical Customers


2021.12.25 [One-Shot]

AWS Private 5G for enterprises and AWS Wavelength for mobile operators


2021.07.26 [Tech-Blog]

my5G, HFR Private 5G Solution: Purpose-Built, On-Premise E2E Private 5G Network for Realizing Enterprise Digital Transformation


2021.06.29 [Tech-Blog]

The Ministry of Science and ICT in Korea announced the "Private 5G Network Frequency Supply Plan" - mmWave and Sub-6 Spectrum


2021.05.31 [Tech-Blog]

The Rise of Private 5G and Success Factors of HFR’s my5G Solution


2021.05.20 [One-Shot]

Strategies and status of AWS entering Mobile Operators' 5G network: MEC on AWS → 5G


2021.05.17 [One-Shot]

5G Network Architecture of Rakuten and Dish: Commons and Differences


2021.05.11 [One-Shot]

Dish's 5G Network Architecture: Cloud-Native 5G RAN (5G O-RAN) and 5G SA Core on AWS


2021.04.30 [One-Shot]

Key Features of my5G Solution (HFR's Private 5G SA Whole System)


2021.04.29 [One-Shot]

Nokia Private 5G SA Architecture - Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (NDAC)


2021.03.25 [One-Shot]

HFR's Private 5G SA Whole System - my5G: One Page Summary (mmWave)


2021.03.25 [One-Shot]

Global Snapshot of Public and Private 5G Spectrum


2021.03.11 [One-Shot]

HFR's Private 5G SA Whole System - my5G: Pamphlet


2021.03.10 [One-Shot]

HFR's Private 5G SA Whole System - my5G: One Page Summary (Sub-6GHz)


2021.02.04 [One-Shot]

Microsoft (Affirmed)'s On-Premise Private 5G Solution


2021.01.23 [One-Shot]

The Rise of Private 5G and Open Opportunities


2020.10.29 [One-Shot]

[Partnership: MNO – Public Cloud - Vendor] MEC, 5G vCore, 5G vRAN on Public Cloud


2020.09.29 [One-Shot]

[Edge Battle] MNO and Public Cloud Company - Affiliation or Trojan Horse?


2020.08.20 [Tech-Blog]

Private 5G - The Cornerstone of Industrial Digital Transformation


2020.08.18 [One-Shot]

KT Private 5G: Multi-Slice and Multi-MEC for an Enterprise


2020.07.21 [One-Shot]

SK Telecom's 5G Network Slicing


2020.02.24 [Technical Document]

Samsung Cloud Native 5G Core


2020.02.11 [Report]

Private 5G network strategies of Mobile operators and None-mobile operators


2019.11.08 [One-Shot]

SK Telecom 5G MEC Deployment Architecture


2019.10.21 [Tecg-Blog]

7 Deployment Scenarios of Private 5G Networks


2019.10.11 [Tech-Blog]

Comparison of Commercial 5G Network Architecture: KT vs. SK Telecom


2019.10.11 [One-Shot]

SK Telecom 5G Network Architecture: 5G Core, 5G RAN and 5G Edge Cloud (MEC)


2019.09.03 [Technical Document]

Samsung 5G Core Vision - Revolutionary changes in core with the arrival of 5G


2019.06.13 [One-Shot]

KT 5G Network Architecture: 5G Core, 5G RAN and 5G Edge Cloud


2019.05.22 [One-Shot]

MEC Concept and Deployment Architecture in 4G and 5G Network


2019.03.29 [One-Shot]

KT 5G and 10Giga Network Architecture


2019.01.16 [One-Shot]

Edge in Mobile Network - Evolution of edge location and edge service








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[Sponsor Content] HFR Private 5G Solution: my5G

Details >>


SKT Expands AI-powered Veterinary Service ‘X Caliber’ into Global Market

SK Telecom announced strategic partnerships with companies in Australia, Singapore and Japan to promote overseas distribution of ‘X Caliber’, SKT’s...


SKT Hosts Global 6G Discussion at SK Tech Summit 2023

SK Telecom announced today that it held a special 6G session at the SK Tech Summit 2023 to discuss 6G standardization status and the need for globa...


SaskTel and Samsung Canada Power Canadian Western Agribition with Upgraded 5G Network

SaskTel and Samsung Canada are proud to power this year’s Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) with an upgraded 5G network, connecting CWA visitors an...


Samsung and O₂ Telefónica to Jointly Test Modern vRAN and Open RAN Technologies in Germany

Samsung and O₂ Telefónica today announced that the companies will test advanced cloud-native vRAN and Open RAN technologies in Germany.


SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom to Jointly Develop Telco-specific LLM

SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom today announced that they signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) to jointly develop a telco-specific LLM that enables glob...


Samsung Plays Key Role in Delivering First 4G Calls over Shared Open RAN in Vodafone and Orange Pilot in Romania

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. with Vodafone and Orange, two of the largest operators in Europe, announced the companies completed the first 4G call...


NTT Docomo announces OREX® Open RAN Service Lineup — Achieves TCO reduction of up to 30% and reduces power consumption by up to 50%

NTT DOCOMO announced today its brand-new service lineup of OREX RAN, OREX SMO, and OREX Services, part of its commitment to becoming an Open RAN se...


HFR Leads 6G Global Standardization as Co-chair of the Open RAN Industry Alliance

HFR, Inc., a leading telecommunications equipment manufacturer, today announced it is participating in the Open RAN Industry Alliance (ORIA) as a c...


Hanhwa Ocean Introduces Cutting-Edge KSS-III (Jangbogo-III) Class Submarines Empowered by New Technology

A military and maritime equipment exhibition titled ‘MADEX 2023’ was held for 3 days at BEXCO in Busan, South Korea starting on June 7th.


KT and HFR collaborate to expand the Private 5G Business Area.

KT announced on the 18th that it will cooperate with HFR, a telecommunications equipment manufacturing company, to discover the effectiveness of pr...


HFR, Inc. Supplies Japanese Railway With my5G, Private 5G Network Solution and AI Technology, to Enhance Railway Safety

HFR, Inc., the leading ICT solutions provider in Korea, today announced deployment of my5G as an end-to-end private 5G solution to the Japanese Rai...


LG Electronics and Megazone Cloud become private 5G operators in Korea

The Ministry of Science and ICT (MSIT) announced on June 27 that it has completed the allocation of private 5G frequencies and registration as priv...



Private 5G Frequency Allocation Status in Korea


  Netmanis One-Shot, Private 5G Frequency Allocation Status in Korea (36 locations),2023.05.10  



Private 5G Deployment Case Study in Korea


Enterprise DIY   Private 5G operator

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power








Republic of Korea Navy


Korea Electric Power Corporation


more >>


SK networks service


   - Customer:  Korea Food Industry Cluster




   - Customer: Lotte World




   - Customer: Samsung Medical Center


Sejong Telecom


   - Customer: Banwol-shihwa Industrial Complex


more >>