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With the recent launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, new technologies from the local telcos are flooding the South Korean market. At the press conference by SK Telecom in April, present...
Dr. Michelle M. Do @ Netmanias
The more I look at enterprise mobile, especially its focus on verticals and IoT, the more I'm convinced there needs to be a change in industry structure, regulation and network...
Dean Bubley @ Disruptive Analysis
In the last few weeks I've been doing a lot of work on the future of voice communications. A common, over-arching, theme is starting to form for me. The future sources of value...
Dean Bubley @ Disruptive Analysis
The original purpose of small cells was to efficiently reuse spectrum as a capacity solution – not as a replacement for cell towers. However, outdoor small cell use as a coverag...
Matt Walsh @ Blue Signal Search
A important component in LTE network is the policy and charging control (PCC) function that brings together and enhances capabilities from earlier 3GPP releases to deliver dynam...
Paul Dayanidhi @ Nicheken Technologies
Technical Documents
Korea Communication Review: The Trusted News and Resource for Korean ICT Market and Technologies
When the callee has been alerted by the provisional response, the chances of a session establishment failure are minimum assuming network resources are available. So in this cas...
Arindam Ghosh @ Qualcomm
Evolved Video Broadcasting aka eMBMS came back into the focus during the 4G era (2011-2012) and though it has yet to hit a steady/stable mark (and profitability); it is by far o...
Shaheer Jamal Syed @ Ericsson
Physical layer data throughput can be calculated accurately for different scenarios. In order to determine physical layer performance, we need to calculate the total physical re...
Mahmoud Ali @ AdvaComm Associates
The AF and the Rx interface between the PCRF and AF are defined in the 3GPP specifications and they are mainly used by the PCRF to connect third-party applications (for example,...
Mojtaba HOUSHMAND @ MobinNet Telecom


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   • Last Updated: November 2016







   World's First Services


LTE-A Pro (500M) SK Telecom

Enterprise LTE KT

Nationwide LTE-M Network KT


3Band LTE-A (300M) SKT, KT, LG U+

Inter-Operator VoLTE SKT, KT, LG U+

Integration of LTE and WiFi using MP-TCP GW (1.1Gbps) SKT, KT, LG U+


Wideband LTE-A (225M) SK Telecom


13   LTE-A (150M) SK Telecom





4G Commercialization History












    SMEC's LTE Femto Gateway with X2

    : Facilitating instant mass deployment

    of LTE femtocells in existing LTE




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  KT Network Architecture - Current


  KT 5G Network Architenture


  Network Architecture Evolution from 4G

  to 5G


  5G network as envisioned by KT -

  Analysis of KT's 5G network architecture


  SK Telecom 4G LTE Network


  SK Broadband/SK Telecom's Gigabit

  Internet Access Network


  5G POC (Test, Trial) Status in Korea


  E2E Network Slicing - Key 5G technology

  : What is it? Why do we need it?

  How do we implement it?




SK Telecom Commercializes More LTE-A Pro Technologies: Five-band Carrier Aggregation and 4X4 MIMO

SK Telecom announced on June 5th, that it successfully commercialized five-band Carrier Aggregation (CA) and 4X4 MIMO, which are key technologies o...


SK Telecom’s 5G and LTE Technologies Win Global Recognition

SK Telecom today announced that its ‘5G mmWave Handover’ and ‘Green Scheduler with Lean Carrier’ have received two awards both in the category of ‘...


KT applied a battery-saving technology (C-DRX) in the LTE network, enabling smartphone battery to last up to 45% longer

KT announced on the 12th of April that it has applied a technology called Connected Mode Discontinuous Reception (C-DRX) in the LTE network, and th...


Korea’s First LTE-Railway Network Starts Official Service Base on Joint Efforts of Samsung and SK Telecom

Samsung Electronics announced that its LTE-Railway (LTE-R) solution successfully launched its official service today on the 41km-long Busan Metro l...


SK Telecom releases 5G RFI for the first time in Korea

SK Telecom on the 4th announced that it released the 5G RFI for the first time in Korea. Based on the RFI, the telco plans to cooperate with its pa...


Jio and Samsung Shift the Indian LTE Mobile Market Landscape Once Again with the “I&G Project”

Samsung announced on February 28 its innovative “I&G (Infill & Growth) Project” for Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd in India. This joint project was esta...


Samsung to Expand its RCS (Rich Communication Services) Messaging Service

Samsung Electronics today announced its plan to expand its Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging service using the recently-acquired NewNet...


SK Telecom Successfully Tests LTE-Advanced Five-Band Carrier Aggregation on its Commercial Network

SK Telecom today announced that successfully tested LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) five-band carrier aggregation (CA) on its commercial network. In addition,...


Chairman Hwang Chang Kyu to transform KT into a platform provider with over 20% of its revenues coming from platform business by 2020

Last week, at the ‘2017 New Year Strategies Workshop’, KT Chairman Hwang Chang Kyu unveiled a blueprint for the management strategies in his second...


SK Telecom Completes Deployment of LTE-R for Busan Subway

SK Telecom today announced on Febrary 9, 2017 that it, together with Busan Transportation Corporation (BTC), has deployed the world’s first LTE-R,...


SK Telecom and Nokia Successfully Develop the World’s First MCPTT Solution Over VoLTE

SK Telecom and Nokia have jointly developed the world’s first “Mission-Critical Push-To-Talk (MCPTT)” solution, which is a next-generation push-to-...


Samsung acquires Rich Communications Services Business from Skyview Capital’s NewNet Communication Technologies

Samsung Electronics announced on November 15th its acquisition of NewNet Communication Technologies (Canada), Inc. (“NewNet Canada”), a company ope...