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Private 5G Deployment   • Private 5G Frequency Allocation Status in Korea  South Korean government's regulations on private 5G and KT's strategy for entering the market
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For the past 14 years since its foundation in 2002, Netmanias (www.netmanias.com) has been serving as a venue for professionals in the Korean networking industry to share their knowledge and information about wired/wireless network services, latest trends and key technologies in the market. 

Now, we are offering the great content shared to those who are outside of Korea, through our English magazine ‘Korea Communication Review (KCR)’ to promote the world’s most advanced broadband wired/wireless services and solutions of Korea around the world.
KCR brings you insightful and engaging content carefully crafted based on findings of our in-depth researches, interviews and analysis in relation to:
> World’s most advanced broadband wired/wireless services by Korean operators
> Wired/wireless networking technologies adopted in Korean market
> Solutions and equipments by Korean vendors
> Key ICT statistics in Korea
> Korean ICT news






Q2 2017

Sneak preview of KT's 5G Olympics in PyeongChang - Immersive services, 5G autonomous driving bus, MR, and more
Analysis of Global 5G Development - 5G Standardization so far
Analysis of Global 5G Development - Korea: KT
5G network technologies and future analyzed by South Korean telcos
KT shaping IoST strategies - focusing on NB-IoT
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December 2016

SK Telecom's First Commercial LoRa Service and Other IoT Services presented at 'IoT Korea Exhibition 2016'

KT to open up 'Giga Internet 2.0 era' to offer 1Gbps to anyone anywhere
5G-based Connected Car Demonstration by SK Telecom
LG U+ demonstrated Speeds of 31Gbps using a 5G Base Station
KT's 5G Roadmap: Pilot Service and Standardization by 2018 and World's First Commercial Service by 2019
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October 2016

SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics complete World's First Field Trial of Handover between mmWave 5G Base Stations

KT demonstrated the World's First NB-IoT-based Service
SK Telecom’s SDRAN Field Implementation Configuration and Functional Split Architecture of DU
SK Telecom to manufacture and sell networking equipment
KT’s Wireless ‘olleh tv air’ lets You watch IPTV Anywhere at Home
Coverage maps for wired/wireless service now available from South Korea's Big 3 operators
SDN/NFV-based vCPE Services by AT&T, Verizon and KT
AT&T's CORD - the ultimate architecture born after decades of innovation in the communications network
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August 2016

SK Telecom Commercializes Nationwide LoRa Network for IoT

KT's olleh tv launched the world's first IPTV HDR service
SK Telecom to establish consortiums with global and domestic vendors to lead 5G era
KT signed an MOU with 5 domestic and overseas manufacturers for GiGA Wire’s entry into overseas markets
Standard specification for 5G pilot service in 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics
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Q4 2015

• LTE/Wi-Fi Multipath Aggregation

• Mobile Network Architecture for 5G Era - New C-RAN Architecture and Distributed 5G Core

• 5G Network as Envisioned by KT - Analysis of KT's 5G Network Architecture

• E2E Network Slicing - Key 5G technology : What is it? Why do we need it? How do we implement it?

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Q3 2015

• LG U+ achieved 600 Mbps in its Second LTE-U Demonstration

• Evolution of SK Telecom's In-Building Solutions

• LTE Success Story in Korea

• KT 4K UHD IPTV Services: Live TV, Most Popular Channels Now, 4-Channel View and VoD

• SK Telecom: Dr. Jinsung Choi 'SK Telecom's 5G Evolution Strategies'

• KT: Dr. Dongmyun Lee 'Leading 5G through wired/wireless integration'

• LG U+: Mr. Changwoo Lee, CTO of LG U+: LG U+'s Mobile Network Evolution Strategies 

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Q2 2015

KT's demonstrations of LTE-H and LTE-U
KT's demonstrations of LTE-TDD (9-carrier CA, LTE-UL/DL CA and triple mode femto)
SK Telecom's demonstrations of pre-5G/5G technologies at MWC 2015
Why do we need antenna-integrated RRH?
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Q1 2015

Debates on LTE-Unlicensed and Wi-Fi (KT, SK Telecom, Qualcomm, etc.)
Now giga Internet service available from all the Korean big 3 operators
Korean big 3, getting ready for 5G
Ethernet access at 10 Gbps
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Q4 2014

SK Telecom's Network Evolution Strategies: Carrier aggregation, inter-cell coordination and C-RAN architecture
KT aims to build a nationwide GiGA Internet access network (1 Gbps to the home) by the end of the year
Korean big 3 telcos offer hassle-free and instant upgrade to Giga-class Internet without re-cabling
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Q3 2014

What's GiGAtopia envisioned by Chairman Chang-gyu Hwang of KT?
Broadband Access Network Architecture in Korea
Netmanias Vendor Interview: HFR’s optical fronthaul solution
LTE/LTE-A Commercialization by South Korea’s Big 3 Operators
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