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Learn about HFR's solutions



HFR's Mobile Fronthaul Solutions for LTE-A Era


White Paper


Table of Content
1. Introduction
2. HFR's WDM Solutions for mobile fronthaul and backhaul
3. Implementing Mobile Fronthaul/Backhaul with HFR's WDM solutions
4. Case Study: SK Telecom



Netmanias Interview with HFR

HFR's Fronthaul Solution for LTE/LTE-A C-RAN


Netmanias Interview


HFR is probably most known as a vendor of wired/wireless network equipment like Mobile fronthaul, Carrier Ethernet, FTTx, etc. Today, we are going to hear from Dr. J.H. Lee (jongheonlee@hfrnet.com), CTO of HFR about one of its most popular solutions, flexiHaulTM, a mobile optical access solution.



Netmanias Interview with HFR

HFR presented its newest In-building DAS, C-RAN Fronthaul and Carrier Ethernet solutions at MWC 2015


Netmanias Interview


HFR, a Korean specialist in Optical and Radio Networking technologies, presented its newest In-building DAS, C-RAN Fronthaul and Carrier Ethernet solutions at Mobile World Conference (MWC) 2015.



Instant Upgrading to 500Mbps Internet with 2-Pair Ethernet


White Paper


In the past two years, a new technology called "2-pair Ethernet" has been introduced in Korea, apparently increasing broadband Internet speeds 5 times faster, from 100 Mbps to 500 Mbps, instantly. It certainly is fascinating in that such speed improvement was achieved without the hassle of re-cabling construction in apartment buildings.



HFR’s Broadband Solutions Brief


Solution Brief


HFR broadband access solutions enable telecom operators to offer full range of revenue generating services in a simple and smart manner. HFR is currently providing all three broadband solutions - FTTH, FTTB+LAN, and FTTB+VDSL, allowing telecom operators to deliver ultra-high speed Internet (100M, 500M, and 1Gbps) to users in different housing types.



Required CPRI Link Capacity in Function of Radio Technologies







SK Telecom Case Study


Case Study





Emergence of C-RAN/Fronthaul and CPRI Overview




What's fortunate for the operators is that at least their LTE base stations have architecture that allows for easier cell site installation and maintenance. Previously, they had some restrictions because their base stations were:

1) standalone base stations where both baseband unit (BBU) and remote radio head (RRH) are co-located in a cell site.  
2) mostly installed indoor (e.g. inside medium-large buildings) for stable power supply and A/C.



Fronthaul Size: Calculation of Maximum Distance between BBU and RRH




The maximum separation distance between RRH and BBU should be secured. This distance is constrained by the timing requirement of Hybrid Automatic Retransmit reQuest (HARQ) protocol used as a retransmission mechanism between UE and eNB in an LTE network.



Ethernet access at 10 Gbps - 10G is now where it’s at!


White Paper




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