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HFR is currently providing all three broadband solutions - FTTH, FTTB+LAN, and FTTB+VDSL, allowing telecom operators  to deliver ultra-high speed Internet (100M, 500M, and 1Gbps) to users in different housing types.   



To satisfy customers’ need for better internet service, the subscriber network has become very sophisticated and its structure has also become complex. Customers are demanding services that offer more than high-speed internet service; they are demanding the TPS (Triple Play Service) that integrates internet, TV, and telephone services. Therefore, service providers must be equipped with such technology to satisfy the abovementioned demand. Fiber networks are actively being deployed to meet the requirements of FTTx. This is being achieved by using a fiber cable that has a long transmission distance and experiences low interference from the external environment.


HFR's GPON OLT system is compliant with the ITU-T G.984 standard and comprises OLT and ONU/ONT. Between the OLT and ONU/ONT, there is no equipment apart from fiber cables and RNs (Remote Nodes which act as passive fiber distributors). Hence, it is easier to manage than the existing AON (Active Optical Network). One GPON OLT port connects to 64 fiber cables by the RNs and connects to the ONU. And this port has a fast data rate of 2.488 Gbps in the downstream direction and 1.244 Gbps in the upstream direction(The existing EPON supports 1 Gbps upstream/downstream data rate and can connect to a maximum of 32 cables).



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Instant Upgrading to 500 Mbps Internet with 2-pair Ethernet
HFR's Broadband Solutions for MDU



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Whitepapers and Tech-Notes


Instant Upgrading to 500 Mbps Internet with 2-pair Ethernet

HFR's Broadband Solutions for MDU










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