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Complete TWDM-PON ONU functionality in a compact SFP package





ZARAM TWDM-PON ONU STICK is a 10-Gigabit-capable Symmetric Passive Optical Network Stick type ONT in a compact SFP package with TWDM-Wavelength. The TWDM-PON ONU Stick provides a pluggable and multiple 10G interface for FTTx and wireless backhaul applications with a compact size and lower power consumptions.


By being plugged into the L2/L3 switch or CPE with standard SFP uplink port directly, the TWDM-PON ONUStick provides different wavelength data link over a single fiber.  Combining  Passive MUX with TWDM-PON ONU stick, can be connected up to 80Gbps bandwidth. Any standard Ethernet SFP+ switch port can simply convert to a TWDM-PON ONU port and interconnect to an existing TWDM-PON network with the insertion of the module. It is built in compliance with ITU-T G.989.x specifications, an industry standard witch defines TWDM-PON access networks.






  Download Brochure (Zaram TWDM-PON SFP+ ONU)



PON Features


Complete TWDM-PON ONU functionality in a  compact SFP package


ITU-T G.989.x Standard


4 different Wavelength 9.95328 Gbps (US/DS)


Managed by OLT over TWDM-PON via G.988 OMCI channel




Product Features


Supports many new applications, including FTTx and mobile/pico backhaul services


No separate power supply and cables


Low power consumption


Designed to inter-operate with other L2/L3 switch with SFP+ type uplink port








Small Cell Backhaul


Enterprise CPE Uplink


Mobile Fronthaul






      Main Chip


      Flash Memory

Embedded 256Mbit(Serial Flash*1)


Embedded 512Mbit, DDR2 SDRAM *2


TWDM-PON (40G/40G) with fixed wavelength *3

(1532.68~1534.04 Up, 1596.34~1598.89 Down)

(1283~1286nm Up, 1599.75~1602.31nm Down)

      Uplink Interface

10 GPON port (SC/UPC, SFP compliant interface)

      Service Interface

SFP+ Compatible SERDES Interface

    Environment Conditions
      Input power

Single 3.3V, SFP+ Compatible

      Power Consumption

Max 1.95W (Meets SFP+ Power Class Level III)

      Operating temperature/humidity

-40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ /  0 ~ 95% non-condensing

      Storage temperature

-40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

    Product Standards

Fixed TWDM-PON ONU in SFP MSA Footprint


Integrated TWDM-PON ITU-T G.989.x MAC


ITU-T G.989.x-compliant NGPON2 TC sublayer

Complies with ITU-T G.988 OMCI

9.95328Gbps, {1532.68~1534.04nm}, {1283~1286nm} Burst Mode  Transmitter

9.95328Gbps, {1596.34~-1598.89nm}, {1599.75~1602.31nm} Continuous Mode Receiver

Meets MSA specification of 1.95W max. supply

Typical Power Consumption ~ 1.65W

XFI interface operating at 10 Gbps

Digital diagnostic monitor interface compatible with SFF-8472

Compliant with SFP MSA, INF-8074i





•  4 Different Service over Single Fiber (Mobile Fronthaul, Small-cell Backhaul, Business Service, Residential Service)
•  SFP+ Formfactor with Standard-Power-Consumption Level( <2W)
•  Embedded TWDM Filter with TWDM-PON ONU STICK
•  Redundancy Application with different color STICK






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Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13496, Korea 
Tel : (+82 31)779-6700, 779-6701 
Fax : (+82 31)779-6799
  Joon Hyun Baek, CEO
Email : john@zaram.com 
Tel : +82-31-779-6777 
Fax : +82-31-779-6799
  Seo In Shik, President
Email : inshiks@zaram.com 
Tel : +82-31-779-6700 
Fax : +82-31-779-6799




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