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XGSPON Stick type ONT in a compact SFP+ package





ZARAM XGSPON STICK is a 10-Gigabit-capable Symmetric Passive Optical Network (XGSPON) Stick type ONT in a compact SFP+ package


The XGSPON Stick provides a pluggable XGSPON interface for FTTx and wireless backhaul applications with a compact size and lower power consumptions. 

By being plugged into the L2/L3 switch or CPE with standard SFP+ uplink port directly, the XGSPON Stick provides a 9.95Gbps Upstream/downstream data link over a single fiber. 


Any standard Ethernet SFP+ switch port can simply convert to a XGSPON ONT port and interconnect to an existing XGSPON network with the insertion of the module. It is built in compliance with ITU-T G.9807.1 specifications, an industry standard witch defines XGSPON  access networks.



     Brochure (Zaram XGSPON 10G SFP+ ONT)
     Datasheet (Zaram XGSPON 10G SFP+ ONT)
     Application Note: Use Cases of XGSPON ONT Stick



GPON Features


Complete XGSPON ONT functionality in a compact SFP+ package 


ITU-T G.9807.1 compliant XGSPON ONT


Data rate of 9.95328 Gbps (US/DS)


Managed by OLT over XGSPON via G.988 OMCI channel




Product Features


Supports many new applications, including FTTx and small-cell backhaul services


No separate power supply and cables


Low power consumption


Designed to inter-operate with other L2/L3 switch with SFP+ type uplink port








5G Small Cell Backhaul


Enterprise CPE Uplink


Enterprise Passive Optical LAN (POL)




      Main Chip


      Flash Memory 16 MBytes
      Memory Embedded 512Mbit, DDR2 SDRAM
      Capacity XGPON : 9.95328 Gbps (US/DS)
      Uplink Interface 10 GPON port (SC/PC, SFP+ compliant interface)
      Service Interface 1 port SFI (10G): SerDes/sfp+ compliant interface
    Environment Conditions
      Input power Single 3.3V Power supply
      Power Consumption Max 1.98W
      Operating temperature/humidity -40℃~ 85℃ / 0 ~ 95% non-condensing
      Storage temperature -40℃~ 85℃
    Product Standards
      Type XGSPON ONT in SFP+ MSA Footprint
      MAC Integrated XGSPON ITU-T G.9807.1 MAC

ITU-T G.9807.1-compliant XGSPON TC sublayer
Complies with ITU-T G.988 OMCI
9.95328Gbps, 1260-1280nm Burst Mode Transmitter
9.95328Gbps, 1575-1580nm Continuous Mode Receiver
Meets MSA specification of 1.98W max. supply
Typical Power Consumption ~ 1.4W
SFI interface operating at 10 Gbps
Digital diagnostic monitor interface compatible with SFF-8472
Compliant with sfp+ MSA, INF-8074i

      Layer 2 Untagged port configuration
Supports IEEE 802.1D compliant bridging/learning /filtering
Supports IEEE 802.1Q VLAN aware/unaware bridging
Standard Ethernet bridging
MAC address learning with auto aging (Up to 1K MAC addresses)
      VLAN VLAN processing according to IEEE 802.1Q, BBF TR-156 and G.988
Supports VLAN tag insertion, removal, translation
Up to 128 Extended VLAN tagging instances
Up to 1024 VLAN filter rules
VLAN filtering according to VLAN Tagging Filter Data ME
      Multicast Performs IGMP transparent snooping as defined in IGMPv2/MLDv1 and IGMPv3/MLDv2
L2 and L3 multicast filtering as defined in BBF TR-156 and G.988
L2 and L3 multicast filter table with 1K entries.
      QoS Supports IEEE 802.1p QoS/CoS model
Supports QoS related Traffic Classification (DSCP, PCP, DEI)
Supports Traffic Scheduling combined WFQ and SP
Supports Traffic Shaping range from 20 kbit/s up to 1 Gbit/s
Supports 8 queues per port
      OAM Standard compliant OMCI interface
ITU-T G.988 and G.9807.1
Alarming and AVC report



Applications   Download application note (use cases of XGSPON ONT Stick)








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Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13496, Korea 
Tel : (+82 31)779-6700, 779-6701 
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Email : john@zaram.com 
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