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The original purpose of small cells was to efficiently reuse spectrum as a capacity solution – not as a replacement for cell towers. However, outdoor small cell use as a coverage solution has grown significantly, both in rural areas and dense urban areas.
Date: 05/09/2017
Author: Matt Walsh @ Blue Signal Search
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When the callee has been alerted by the provisional response, the chances of a session establishment failure are minimum assuming network resources are available. So in this case network reservation is the most important and mandatory task. So precondition can be defined as a network resource res...
Date: 03/29/2017
Author: Arindam Ghosh @ Qualcomm
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Evolved Video Broadcasting aka eMBMS came back into the focus during the 4G era (2011-2012) and though it has yet to hit a steady/stable mark (and profitability); it is by far one of the excellent technologies that will; in my opinion; can become a big enabler for not only optimization for Video...
Date: 03/16/2017
Author: Shaheer Jamal Syed @ Ericsson
Tags: 5G, IoT, LTE, LTE-B, eMBMS
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Physical layer data throughput can be calculated accurately for different scenarios. In order to determine physical layer performance, we need to calculate the total physical resources available for different bandwidths of downlink transmission. On the other hand, we need to determine how many ph...
Date: 02/01/2017
Author: Mahmoud Ali @ AdvaComm Associates
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The AF and the Rx interface between the PCRF and AF are defined in the 3GPP specifications and they are mainly used by the PCRF to connect third-party applications (for example, OTT) and IMS networks to implement PCC-based VoLTE. The section describes only the Embedded PCRF capability in the VoLT...
Date: 01/02/2017
Author: Mojtaba HOUSHMAND @ MobinNet Telecom
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SK Telecom’s strategy for IoT network is to provide IoT networks that are customized for different types of IoT services to ensure connectivity is optimized for each service.
Date: 12/27/2016
Author: Dr. Michelle M. Do and Dr. Harrison J. Son @ Netmanias
Tags: IoT, LTE, SK Telecom
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When LTE system was developed one of the big technical feature from UMTS Soft/Softer handover was missing from the architecture. There are many specific reasons why LTE dropped altogether soft handover (connect-before-break) from the system design.
Date: 12/20/2016
Author: Mohamed Abdel Monem @ Vodafone
Tags: Handover, LTE
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TAC and TAL planning is to determine the size of a TAC and TAL border. The TAC and TAL size is simply defined as the number of eNodeBs in the TAC or TACs in a TAL.
Date: 12/07/2016
Author: Mahmoud Ali @ AdvaComm Associates
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The SRVCC however is not an alternative for delivery, but a rather a handover process of a voice call previously started in the LTE (whether One Voice - VoLTE LTE or IMS Full Voice).
Date: 12/02/2016
Author: Leonardo Zanoni Pedrini @ Telefônica
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Everything we have seen so far is based on the making of voice call in the legacy network. But as we have seen these are 'temporary' solutions until the 'final' solution - VoLTE - is available.
Date: 11/28/2016
Author: Leonardo Zanoni Pedrini @ Telefônica
Tags: LTE, VoLTE

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