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This document defines the EMM procedures, to be further discussed in subsequent documents, by using an EMM scenario and defining eleven EMM cases in the scenario. It briefly explains user experiences and device operations in each EMM case, and discusses how EMM, ECM and RRC states of a UE are cha...
Tags: EMM, LTE
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This report will provide a technical overview of the streaming method used in SKT's Btv Mobile service. Out of over 70 live TV channels offered by SKT's Btv Mobile service, we selected the five most popular channels available, KBS1, KBS2, EBS, TvN and MLB.
Tags: ECM, EMM, LTE, Mobility
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A UE can attach to a network and use services regardless of its location by exchanging control signaling messages with the network using NAS signaling between the UE and an MME. EPS Mobility Management (EMM) and EPS Session Management (ESM) functions are two major NAS functions, and this document...
Tags: ECM, EMM, LTE, Mobility
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This document will describe LTE QoS at service level and at bearer level. First, the concept of Service Data Flow (SDF) and EPS bearer, traffic flows at these two levels, will be explained, followed by a description of their relationship. Then, it will explain the concept of QoS at each level, an...
Tags: EPS, LTE, QoS, SDF
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As the third document for LTE Identification, this document (Part III, LTE Identification III) covers EPS Session/Bearer ID groups related to user traffic delivery. Session/Bearer IDs such as Packet Data Network (PDN) ID (Access Point Name (APN)), EPS bearer ID, E-RAB ID, Data Radio Bearer (DRB)...
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The LTE Identification technical document consists of three companion documents (LTE Identification I, II and III). As the second document for LTE Identification, this document (Part II, LTE Identification II) describes Network Equipment identifiers (NE IDs) and Location Identifiers groups. Some...
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The LTE Security technical document consists of three companion documents (LTE Identification I, II and III). As the first document for LTE Identification, this document (Part I, LTE Identification I) classifies LTE identifications into different groups, and describes two of these groups, i.e., U...

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