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RCS Blackbird has been specified by the GSMA as an intermediary service between RCSe and the RCS r5.1. It is intended to provide technically simplified architecture to realize the same level of converged user experiences as the RCS r5.1. As of now, the RCS Blackbird has been developed up to relea...
Tags: LTE, RCS
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The evolution of technical standards for the Rich Communication Services has been driven by market needs. The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) has specified the technical details of SIMPLE IM and the Converged IP Messaging (CPM) on the basis of IMS and SIP technologies. The concept of such technologies...
Tags: LTE, RCS
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Messaging technologies standardized by major standards bodies like Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and GSM Association (GSMA) have many similarities in terms of their architectures and technical details. The OMA Converged IP Messaging (CPM) has been designed based on the OMA SIMPLE IM from the beginni...
Tags: LTE, RCS

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