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5G Core Sharing Cases

Private 5G Deployment   • Private 5G Frequency Allocation Status in Korea  South Korean government's regulations on private 5G and KT's strategy for entering the market
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HFR Private 5G Solution: my5GTM
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my5GTM is HFR’s private 5G whole system that will fulfill the digital transformation needs of enterprises by enabling on-premise private 5G services






    HFR's Private 5G Solution: "my5GTM"





Legacy RAN vendors first develop public 5G network products, downsize them, and apply them to private 5G. So it's over-spec and very expensive.


HFR has developed an efficient solution in terms of performance, features and price by targeting private 5G for enterprises from the product planning stage.


Since it is almost impossible for general enterprises to integrate 5G network components unlike mobile operators, HFR provides a pre-integrated private 5G total solution. This enables companies to immediately deploy private 5G and enables stable operation.

  Total Solution  

   HFR develops, integrates, and provides the entire private 5G system. 
     Enterprises do not need to verify and integrate individual equipment from different vendors, 

     so they can quickly deploy private 5G networks and operate the network stably.  

  Micro Network Slicing   Vertical Applications   Business Platform  


   HFR provides robust micro 

   network slicing capabilities

   which allows the enterprise to

   create network slices with

   different QoS and security

   policies on a per user/device

   group and application/service





   HFR provides enterprise-specific

   application services on-demand.
   Enterprises can install and use

   their own applications on the

   HFR’s my5G platform, and can

   purchase various enterprise

   application services on the

   marketplace provided by my5G.



   The business platform is a key

   enabler of the private 5G

   service, which offers

   customer management, service

   management, resource

   management, various billing

   features, usage reporting, and

   quality monitoring.










    my5GTM References  




  Agricultural Products Center (South Korea)   Hanshin Electric Railway (Janpan)  




HFR builds Private 5G Network for "Smart Agricultural Product Distribution and Storage Technology Development Project" in South Korea



Supplied 5G RU, 5G vCU/vDU and 5G SA vCore, 

Service Management Platform







Local 5G case of Hanshin Electric Railway in Japan





Supplied 5G RU, ORAN-GW,

5G vCU/vDU, 5G SA vCore






  Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (South Korea)   NESIC (Japan)  




Case study on Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP)'s private 5G network deployment in South Korea




Supplied 5G RU, 5G vCU/vDU and 5G SA vCore, 

Service Management Platform







Agreed to conclude business partnership

agreement and dealership agreement

with Korean HFR:

Acquired exclusive domestic sales rights

for local 5G-related products (Jananese)



Supplied 5G RU, 5G vCU/vDU, 5G SA vCore






  SK Telecom (South Korea)   NEC (Japan)  




HFR has built private 5G networks 

in three domestic smart factories 

with SK Telecom (Korean) >>




Supplied 5G RU, 5G vCU/vDU and 5G SA vCore







HFR announced that it has provided a trial

supply of 5G SA network equipment to NEC subsidiary in Japan (Korean)




Supplied 5G RU, 5G vCU/vDU, 5G SA vCore,

and Business Platform








    HFR Core Competencies  




Success with
Global Tier 1 MNOs
  DNA from MNO   Leading Private 5G  

Agile Customization

and Support



   HFR is providing RAN

   Transport and 5G Radio

   solutions to global tier 1

   MNOs including Verizon,




   Together with it’s

   customers success, HFR

   went IPO and keep

   stable finance.





   Since HFR has founded

   by SKT core engineers

   at 2000, it has provided

   what SKT require

   the new technologies

   to be always leading

   edge in the world.


   HFR  has deep

   understanding of

   tier 1 MNO.





  HFR provides the

  following advantages by

  providing 5G SA whole

  solutions (CPE, vRAN

  (CU/DU/RU), vCore,

  Service Management   

  Platform, Vertical



  - CAPEX/OPEX reduction
  - Increased operational

  - Fast new service


  - Quick troubleshooting





  HFR's abundant

  commercial experience

  of agile customization in

  various business fields.








    Contact HFR



For more information, contact:
Peter K. Cho, Global CTO of HFR Networks Inc



HFR Networks, Inc.

740 E. Campbell Road, Suite 900, Richardson, TX 75081 USA

Tel: +1 972-803-5703

Sales: info@hfrnetworks.com



HFR Headquarters

Hana EZ tower 5F, 10, Seongnam-daero 43beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea, 13636

Tel: +82 31-712-7768

Fax: +82 31-712-7948

Sales: my5G@hfrnet.com





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