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Mobile statistics at a glance 

Broadband statistics | IPTV statistics


[Global | Korea | Operators] 


Global Top


  Korea, the Hottest Mobile Market in the World  

Mbps in 2015Q4  



  LTE to Mobile Subscriber Penetration      LTE to Mobile Subscriber Penetration  
Korea Global
63 6
% in 2014


LG U+ KT SK Telecom Verizon China Mobile NTT
85  80 72 79 38 50
% in 2015Q4





Source: OVUM 2015



Source: IR Material of 6 operators





Korea Top


  Mobile Connections by Technology Generation    




2G 3G 4G Total
4.7 12.5 41.7 58.9
Million in 2015Q4







  Mobile Phone Market Share     Device Types  
Samsung Apple LG Others
69.0 15.3 13.4 2.3
% in 2015.04
Smartphone Feature phone IoT Device Others
43.7 9.9 4.3 0.9
Million in 2015Q4










Source: MSIP, ComScore








  Monthly Traffic     Monthly Traffic per Device   
  3G Traffic 4G Traffic
  2.8 173.0
PB in 2015Q4


  3G smartphone 4G smartphone
  0.75 4.38
GB in 2015Q4




  Mobile Traffic Composition     Subscriber and Traffic Volume Shares   
SNS Web Video
16.3 15.9 57.1
% in 2015Q4


1% of subs.  5% of subs. 10% of subs.
17 43 58
% in 2015Q4







Operators Top


  Mobile Connections Trace by Operator     Mobile Connections by Operator   
Million in 2015Q4


SK Telecom KT LG U+ MVNO Total
26.2 15.3 11.5 5.9 58.9
Million in 2015Q4







  SK Telecom's Mobile Subscribers     KT's Mobile Subscribers  
4G 3G 2G Total
18.9 4.9 2.5 26.2
Million in 2015Q4


4G 3G 2G Total
12.2 3.0 0 15.3
Million in 2015Q4







  LG U+'s Mobile Subscribers        
4G  3G 2G Total
9.7 0 1.8 11.5
Million in 2015Q4




  Mobile ARPU        
SK Telecom  KT LG U+ Average
36.7 36.5 36.2 36.5
  K [KRW] in 2015Q4


  Mobile IPTV Paid Subscribers       
KT SK Broadband LG U+
0.8 2.8 1.3
Million in 2015.05







* Sources
Ministry of Science,ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) http://www.msip.go.kr
Korea Communication Commission (KCC) http://www.kcc.go.kr
SK Telecom