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SK Telecom Network Architecture and Ecosystem


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  Broadband   ??   Mobile (4G)  

 Dasan: V8272

 HFR: HT7000G

 Tellion: GP1140

?    Base Station (BBU, RRH)   Samsung, Ericsson, NSN

   Small RRH



 HFR, Dasan Networks

     EPC Core   Samsung, Ericsson
   VDSL DSLAM  HFRDasanTellion  

   Fronthaul (Active WDM)

  HFR, SoLID, Woorinet
   Wi-Fi AP (Hotspot)  HFR, MMC, Mercury      DPI   
   Wi-Fi AP (Home)  HFR, Davolink, Mercury, D-Link      Carrier NAT (LTE)    Fortinet: 3950B
         In-building C-RAN   Contela


     LTE Femto (Outdoor)   Contela
           LTE Femto (Enterprise)   Contela
         LTE Femto (Home)   SK Telesys
         In-building UTP DAS   HFR
         Performance Monitoring   Accedian





Other Operators


• KT