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Private 5G Deployment   • Private 5G Frequency Allocation Status in Korea  South Korean government's regulations on private 5G and KT's strategy for entering the market
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SK Telecom officially announced that it would participate in the National Disaster and Safety Communication Network (hereinafter referred to as the emergency network) project. SK Telecom became the first of the three mobile carriers to hold a media event on the afternoon of February 9, and developed the best emergency network design model that reflects the characteristics of 700㎒ frequency....
Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. combine licensed and 5 GHz unlicensed spectrum on small cells to deliver data-speed boost up to 450 Mbps Verizon, SK Telecom and T-Mobile US, Inc. executives observe License Assisted Access (LAA) peak rate and fair-sharing demonstrations in Ericsson labs in Canada and Sweden Ericsson and Qualcomm Technologies to demonstrate LAA at Mobile World Congress...
Broadcast over LTE technology allows for better video streaming with reduced network load Samsung Electronics, a leading provider of mobile broadband networking solutions, today announced significant upgrades to the feature set of its award-winning Smart eMBMS solution, designed to bring important network quality enhancements to operators, with a particular emphasis on an improved video expe...
Korean Big 3 mobile carriers are forecast to reduce their CAPEX by about 9% this year compared to last year. Most of their LTE investments are completed, and their profitability declined last year despite the enforcement of the Terminal Distribution Structure Improvement Act. As the telecommunication industry cuts down CAPEX, small and medium-sized network equipment makers will be directly...
Commercializes eICIC, a core LTE-A technology that controls signal interference between macro and micro base stations, to enhance network quality in areas where base stations are concentrated Strengthens image as the global leader in mobile telecommunications by developing a technology that will also be important in the 5G network system SK Telecom today announced that it, together with...
On January 20, KT announced that, targeting all customers, it launched commercial service of “Broadband LTE-A X4”, which is four times faster than the existing LTE, in time for the official launch of Samsung Electronics’ “Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE. Galaxy Note 4 S-LTE is Samsung Electronics’ flagship model. It is equipped with an S-Pen, a popular feature of the exist...
The current systems that we are using now, like 3GPP LTE or LTE-A, are commonly called 4G mobile communication systems. Then, what are 5G mobile communication systems? To discuss 5G, we should first look into what the mega trends in mobile services are these days. [M1. Traffic growth] The biggest trend would be soaring demands for multimedia and social network services witnessed recently. As...
Korean researchers demonstrated the 'full duplex radio' technology, one of the core 5G mobile communication technologies, for the first time in the world. Korea laid the foundation for leading the standardization of next-generation mobile communication and the commercialization of related technologies. The full duplex radio technology doubles the frequency efficiency and speed as it...
New network provides an advanced LTE experience with download speeds of 300 Mbps Samsung Electronics today announced it has deployed the world’s first 3-Band Carrier Aggregation (CA) technology in an LTE commercial network, increasing download speed to 300 Mbps, four times faster than a normal LTE network. Based on Samsung’s LTE Advanced (LTE-A) 3-Band CA technology, custome...
The Z-Wave Alliance, an open consortium of leading global companies deploying Z-Wave, the world’s largest ecosystem of wireless control products and services, is pleased to announce that LG Uplus has become a Principal Member of the Alliance and has joined its Board of Directors. lguplusLG Uplus, Korea’s leading telecommunications operator and an affiliate of LG Group, provides...
The subscription of KT’s ‘Olleh GiGA Internet’ is growing steadily since its nationwide commercialization in Oct. for the first time in Korea. On Dec. 21, KT announced that the subscription of ‘Olleh GiGA Internet’ has continued to grow by more than 7,000 per week since its release on October 20, and exceeded 100,000 in just two months. ‘Olleh GiGA Interne...
This article was published in Korea Communication Review magazine (KCR Q1 2015). For the rest of the Q1 2015 issue of Korea Communication Review magazine please click here The 'giga Internet era' has just begun, finally offering speeds of 1 Gbps - 10 times faster than the 100Mbps. For the past 7 ~ 8 years, the maximum Internet speeds for all access networks (FTTH, LAN and XDS...
Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Revolution – Seoul Korea Date: December 10, 2014 Location: Seoul, Korea Hosted by HFR and SDH This seminar from the MEF brings a new local and global perspective on the world’ most successful network service deployment over the last decade: Carrier Ethernet. It features an in depth look at Carrier Ethernet 2.0 (CE 2.0) services,...
The 'giga Internet era' has just begun, finally offering speeds of 1 Gbps - 10 times faster than the 100Mbps. For the past 7 ~ 8 years, the maximum Internet speeds for all access networks (FTTH, LAN and XDSL) have long been 100Mbps. So, when LTE-A (CA: 150Mbps) was launched in 2013, and when Wideband LTE-A (225Mbps) was released in June 2014, it was shameful for the wired Internet to be...
Common carriers’ competition intensifies over the world’s first 3-band carrier aggregation (CA) technology commercialization. 3-band CA is a technology to increase speed up to 300 Mbps by aggregating three frequency bands. In January this year, a Korean common carrier succeeded in demonstration for the first time. According to the communications industry, technology commercializ...
SK Broadband & SK Telecom (SK) introduced various gigabit Internet access network solutions at the World IT Show 2014 held in Busan on October 20th. SK noted that the new solutions will be able to provide a bidirectional Internet speed of 1 Gbps per user. The company has been offering Internet services including LAN, FTTH, HFC and XDSL to its 4.7 million subscribers. At the show, the compan...
Korea unveiled next-generation ICT technologies for 5G mobile communications, digital hologram and giga Internet products and services as the first in the world and set out to secure the future ICT industry leadership. Having demonstrated next-generation technologies that are still in the conception stage one after another, Korea is forecast to lead global technological standards. On the 2...
2. Inter-cell Coordination Evolution Strategies CA improves network capacity by broadening frequency bandwidth, whereas inter-cell coordination technologies do the same task by enhancing frequency efficiency. Inter-cell coordination is designed to manage radio resources more efficiently by having cells in different sites share user and/or cell information with each other. Inter-cell coo...
DASAN Networks has put on display its future Internet technology, developed in South Korea, which is capable of downloading a Full-HD movie in a blink of an eye (0.8 seconds.) DASAN Networks has announced that it has successfully presented its 10G Internet service using SK Broadband’s service network at BEXCO, Busan in front of the ICT Ministers and field experts on the 20th of Octobe...
KT as Korea’s national telecommunications provider, has embarked on cooperating with mobile carriers in Asia on the Internet of Things (IoT). KT announced on October 10th that KT has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for IoT with eight member companies of Conexus, the Asian alliance of mobile carriers, to jointly develop technologies and provide services at the Conexus general m...
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