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Korea Communication Market Data: Broadband and Gigabit Internet 2016 Q3
Source: GiGA Wire Alliance (www.gigawire-alliance.org) See also, Broadband Industry Leaders launch GiGA Wire Alliance to enable Ultra-Broadband Services over Existing C...
GiGA Wire Alliance
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Upon its GiGA Internet subscription reaching 2 million in September, KT on the 29th held a press conference, declaring GiGA Internet 2.0 era and sharing its GiGA strategies. Acc...
Dr. Michelle M. Do @ Netmanias
Internet service providers and their subscribers. From Dial-up days with access servers such as Cisco AS5300, Patton RAS boxes. They improved their services as connectivity tech...
Reza Toghraee @ ArpaWare
The CORD Project, an open source project that delivers cloud economics and agility to the telco Central Office (CO), today announced availability of the first open CORD referenc...
Carlos Lopez- Lopez @ AT&T Mobility
The idea behind AT&T's CORD was to transform the legacy network, which has been highly telecom equipment vendor-oriented in terms of its deployment and operation, to a completel...
Dr. Harrison J. Son and Chris Yoo @ Netmanias
According to the recently amended Telecommunication Business Act (Article 56-2), telecommunication service providers now are required to release information needed for their sub...
Dr. Michelle M. Do @ Netmanias
Korea Communication Review: The Trusted News and Resource for Korean ICT Market and Technologies
Mobile service revenue growth thanks to an increase in LTE subscription, which has a higher ARPU than 3G. Internet revenue growth thanks to an increase in Giga Internet subscrip...
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  By Q3 of 2016, the Gigabit Internet subscription of KT reached 2.04 million, which accounts for 24.1% of the company's Internet service subscription (8.48 million).  






  KT Gigabit Internet Network



  SK Telecom/SK Broadband



  KT/SK/LG U+ in one Page




KT Joins Philippines' $1.8 Bln Broadband Project

KT, South Korea's largest telecommunications company, will participate in a nationwide project to drastically improve Internet connectivity in the...


KT wins a contract for a high-speed communications network project in Gabon

KT will build a high-speed communications network in Gabon, Africa. Gabon's ANINF (Agence Nationale des Infrastructures Numériques et des Fréquence...


KT's 5G WTTx solution proven ready for Giga Internet service

KT announced on July 5th that it conducted a field test of its latest solution '5G WTTx (Wireless To The x)', successfully providing 5G Giga Intern...


KT Shows off Their Giga Technology Innovation in Boston Massachusetts

On June 12th, KT (CEO Hwang Chang-Gyu) announced that they signed a MOU with the City of Boston and the Digital Equity Project. KT, the City of Bos...


KT opens up Home AI era with GiGA Genie, the world's first AI TV

KT unveiled GiGA Genie, the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) TV set-top box (and also service) at a press conference held on the 17th. Th...


Korea has the world's fastest average Internet speeds in Q3 2016

As if Q3 2016, Korea has remained the country with the world's fastest average Internet speeds for 11 quarters in a row, and also with the highest...


SK Broadband's demoed the world's first 40Gbps Internet service

SK Broadband announced last week (on the 17th) that it has developed NG-PON2 platform capable of offering up to 40 Gbps Internet speeds and aims to...


KT’s GiGA Wire using copper line at 1Gbps connects the world, moving beyond Europe

Following MWC 2016 in February, KT will present its 1G copper line telecommunication technology (GiGA Wire) jointly developed with Korean manufactu...


Broadband Industry Leaders launch GiGA Wire Alliance to enable Ultra-Broadband Services over Existing Copper Networks

Industry leaders launch GiGA Wire Alliance with the goal of promoting worldwide adoption of Gigabit FTTdp/FTTB broadband access solutions powered b...


Nokia and SK Broadband connect first customers with fastest fiber technology

Nokia and SK Broadband have provided the fastest fiber access speeds ever to a first set of apartment buildings in Seoul, South Korea, reaching agg...


KT’s Chairman Chang-Gyu Hwang's speech at Harvard Business School - "Intelligent network to open up an post-mobile era"

KT’s Chairman Chang-Gyu Hwang delivered a special speech last month at Harvard Business School on ‘Power of the Network’, introducing the company’s...


KT GiGA Wire 2.0


Source: www.gigawire-alliance.org