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Korea Communication Market Data 

Pay TV: Pay TV Penetration in Korea

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1. Pay TV Penetration in Korea (% of Population and % of Household), 2008-2017


• Pay TV: IPTV, Cable TV and Satellite TV

• Data: Korea Communication Commission (KCC), MSIT (Ministry of Science and ICT), MOIS (Ministry of the Interior and Safety)




1   Pay TV Penetration in Korea (% of Population and % of Household), 2008-2017  



Sources: 1) Korea Communication Commission, Ministry of Science and ICT. 2) Ministry of the Interior and Safety

Notes: The number of multi-provider customers who subscribe to more than one pay TV service was duplicated when counting. Business customers (offices, accommodations, etc.) were counted in as well. Figures used in the subscription statistics were based on the number of outlets (i.e. STBs), not households. In accordance with "Notification on verification of subscriber number of Pay TV service" by Ministry of Science and ICT, of all OTS (Olleh TV Skylife: a product that combines KT's IPTV and Skylife's Satellite TV) subscribers, a half of them was considered as KT IPTV subscribers while the other half was calculated as Satellite TV subscribers.




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