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In this blog, we will analyze how to build a Private 5G network. Private 5G network can be implemented in two ways. The first is to deploy physically-isolated private 5G network (5G island) that is independent of the mobile operator's public 5G network (as if building a wired LAN or a Wi-Fi WLAN in the enterprise). In this case, the private 5G network can be built by enterprises or m...
In this blog, we analyze the current state of commercial 5G network construction of KT and SK Telecom, and the difference of 5G value pursued. First Release: 2019.03.29 Last Updated: 2019.10.11 1. End-to-End 5G Network Architecture The 5G network can be functionally divided into 5G Core network and 5G RAN, and can be divided into Central Cloud and Edge Cloud which are geograp...
On April 20, in time for the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S8, SK Telecom began nationwide application of Connected Mode Discontinuous Reception (C-DRX), a solution specifically designed to give enhanced battery efficiency, following KT who did the same in the beginning of the month. C-DRX refers to a technique that allows a device (UE) to discontinuously receive data in connected state...
With the recent launch of Samsung Galaxy S8, new technologies from the local telcos are flooding the South Korean market. Probably to avoid the criticism that they in a mere contest of speed, all telcos in the nation are now playing up the importance of customer satisfaction and quality assurance. On April 12th, KT announced that it had begun deployment of C-DRX (Connected mode Discontinuo...
On December 7th, "5G Network Technologies Workshop", co-hosted by 5G Forum and SDN/NFV Forum, was held in Novotel Ambassador Kangnam Hotel in Seoul, Korea. At the workshop, panels including Jinhyo Park (Head of Network Technology R&D Center at SK Telecom), Eun Kyung Paik (SVP at KT) and Kyung In Kwon (SVP at Ericsson-LG), gave presentations about "5G Network Technologies and Future", specifical...
SK Telecom faces concerns about market stagnation As the largest mobile operator in South Korea, SK Telecom has been the first in the world to present innovative LTE services like LTE-A and LTE CA every year since its LTE service launch in 2011. The operator has posted higher ARPU and revenues thanks to an increase in LTE subscriptions, which has a higher ARPU than 2G/3G. However, recen...
T5, the world's first 5G-based Connected Car by SK Telecom and BMW, was showcased last month at the BMW Driving Center in Yeongjong Island, Incheon, South Korea. The Connected Car service was the operator's first service that uses Quantum, its new brand also unveiled on the day. SK Telecom, with the aim to present the world's first 5G commercial service, is expected to launch Conn...
A connected car, technically a car combined with IT that gives the real-time Internet access, is one of the highly recognized killer services of 5G now. Connected to the wireless network, connected cars can deliver fascinating ICT solutions like infotainment, vehicle control service etc. There is a dominant view that, in the future, automobiles will serve the purposes that smartphones do...
Before we begin Earlier in late June, SK Telecom completed deployment of a nationwide LoRa network in Korea. A few weeks later, it announced LoRa service plans (ranging from KRW 350 (USD 0.30) to KRW 2,000 (USD 1.72) per month excluding VAT) while offering free LoRa modules for accelerated commercialization of LoRa services (see 'SK Telecom's IoT Target and Strategies: LoRa-based IoT...
SK Telecom on September 12th announced that together with Nokia, it has successfully implemented the world’s first cloud-based SDRAN (Software-Defined RAN) - also known as Cloud RAN - over a real commercial LTE network through a demonstration performed in its Network IT Convergence R&D center. "SK Telecom today announced that together with Nokia, it has successfully implemented the...
According to the recently amended Telecommunication Business Act (Article 56-2), telecommunication service providers now are required to release information needed for their subscribers to select wired and wireless Internet service, including which areas are covered, how service is provided, etc. To comply with the regulation, on the 28th of July, the South Korea’s big 3 operators ha...
Earlier this year in May, the South Korean Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning (MSIP) adjusted the maximum transmit power in the 900 MHz unlicensed band from 10 mW to 200 mW, offering frequencies dedicated for wide area IoT purpose. Initially, 6.5 MHz (917 - 923.5 MHz) was offered, and additional 6 MHz (940 - 946 MHz) is scheduled to be offered in the 2nd half of the year. The de...
The big 3 operators in South Korea, ST Telecom, KT and LG U+, each with a global standard oneM2M-certified IoT platform, are now aiming for global market. There is much attention in the industry towards which platform provider can build more partnerships with SMEs and startups, which is essential to present new, distruptive ideas and services. In order for the operators to expand the marke...
On June 20th, SK Telecom unveiled its strategies for utilizing the frequencies in 2.6GHz that it acquired at the last auction, and for developing more evolved next-generation network. The company has become an operator with most frequency in 2.6GHz band in the nation after acquiring additional frequency at the auction held earlier this year. Once new network utilizing these wider bandwidth...
On March 18th, the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), a ministry of South Korean government, finally revealed its plan to hold a much overdue auction for mobile spectrum at the end of April, in 2 years and 8 months after the last one in August 2013. At the auction, a total of 140 MHz (2x70 MHz) across 5 blocks will be offered. Each of the Korean big 3 operators will have a cha...
It's been only a year and a half since we excitedly introduced the Evolution of Mobile RAN Architecture in LTE/LTE-A Era (C-RAN) last April. And today we are discussing the same for 5G era already. Key transitions from 3G to 4G included i) network architecture change from coverage-based to capacity-based, and ii) introduction of new 4G element, X2 interface. Specifically, cells became s...
Weeks ago on August, 4th, SK Telecom introduced commercial HP server-based EPC (4G Core) in its commercial network for the first time in Korea. This allows heavy smartphone traffic to be handled by the existing EPC-dedicated equipment, and light IoT traffic to be handled by this new HP server-based EPC. EPC (Evolved Packet Core) equipment is one of the key elements of network equipment. M...
For the rest of the Q3 2015 issue of Korea Communication Review magazine please click here Hear from CTO of Korean Telcos 1. Dr. Dongmyun Lee, CTO of KT: Leading 5G through wired/wireless Integration 2. Mr. Changwoo Lee, CTO of LG U+: LG U+'s Mobile Network Evolution Strategies ► 3. Dr. Jingsung Choi, CTO of SK Telecom: SK Telecom's 5G Evolution Strategies Dr....
For the rest of the Q2 2015 issue of Korea Communication Review magazine please click here SK Telecom at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 demonstrated its newest network operation platform for 5G called “Fast Data Platform”, using two big data-based intelligent operation platforms: T-Packet Analytics & Network Intelligence (T-PANI) and Analytics Platform for Intelligent O...
For the rest of the Q2 2015 issue of Korea Communication Review magazine please click here At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015, SK Telecom showcased Quantum Cryptography System (QCS) it had developed for secure data transmission in ultra-capacity, ultra-high-speed networks of 5G era. SK Telecom presented Quantum Cryptography System (QCS) at MWC 2015 Unlike the traditional crypto...
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