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SK Telecome built a system for R&D of mmWave technology at its R&D center in Bundang, in cooperation with Samsung - Korea's first key 5G equipment installed in an operator's building SK Telecom and Samsung Electronics have strived to cooperate since the execution of an MOU entered in April for joint R&D of key technologies needed for world's first commercialization of 5G service...
KT held a briefing session with reporters at Olleh Square in Gwanghwamun Gate on the 27th and introduced single unit-type PC ‘Olleh TV all in one’ that has TV, PC, and IPTV functions. Olleh TV all in one has 128GB SSD, Intel Inside Quad-Core CPU, Windows 8.1, and 27-inch fullHD IPS panels with wide-viewing angle that allows one to see same quality from horizontal and vertical planes...
Currently, of all 3 IPTV service providers in Korea, KT is the only one offering UHD channels, three of all: SkyUHD, the world's first UHD, launched in September 2014, and SkyUHD2 and UXN, both launched in June 2015. SK Broadband and LG U+ are currently offering UHD VoD service only, but are working hard for UHD channel launch in the second half of the year. KT has been using Elemental&...
Korea has become a battle field for global UHD broadcasting. As 3 paid broadcasting stations such as Cable TV, IPTV, and Satellite Broadcasting all commercialize UHD broadcasting, foreign UHD channel businesses are slowly gathering at Korean market. Ministry of Science, ICP and Future Planning (MSIP) recently approved retransmission of Virgin Island’s media business called Footprint M...
The Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for information and communication technology (ICT) cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Communication of Vietnam, and hosted meetings to encourage greater cooperation between business from both nations (July 3rd). The latest event was part of efforts to expand ICT cooperation with...
To build LTE-M test network by May 2016 as part of the government-led project to enhance safety of small ships LTE-M will enable high-speed data communications on ships located as far as 100 kilometers offshore SK Telecom today announced plans to launch the world’s first pilot LTE-M (LTE for Maritime Wireless Communications) network, as part of a research and development proje...
Ministry of Science, ICP, and Future Planning (MSIP) announced on the 1st that it has notified that wireless installation regulation to be revised so that next-generation wireless LAN standard ‘WiGig (Wireless Gigabit)’ product, where Wi-Fi can be used at 60 GHz ultra-high frequency bandwidth (57~64 GHz), can be released. WiGig is 60 GHz wireless LAN standard (802.11ad) certified...
Two companies sign an MOU to develop and deploy 5G core network Network slicing technology set to play key role in meeting the demands of 5G use cases SK Telecom today announced that it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ericsson to collaborate on the development of a 5G core network that deploys network slicing technology. Under the terms of the agreement, SK Telecom...
On July 15, LG U+ was awarded for its contribution in development of LTE-based interconnected VoLTE service at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Shanghai 2015. LG U+, Korea's largest VoLTE service provider, has provided VoLTE service to its LTE subsribers since 2012, and now is offering HD Voice service to its 7 million subscribers in the nation. The company also has over 3 million users...
It has been over a year since KT Chairman Hwang Chang Kyu’s declaration of his vision GiGAtopia on May 20, last year. The main idea of GiGAtopia was that the company would make both of its wired and wireless networks giga-class, through investment of KRW4.5 trillion for three years to come. We thought it would be a good time to check how they did for the past one year, and what innovation...
Companies will collaboratively develop and verify 5G device prototypes as well as key 5G technologies including ‘Anchor-Booster Cell’ and ‘Massive MIMO’ SK Telecom’s CTO to speak on the company’s 5G vision at GTI Summit and GSMA Conference held during MWC Shanghai 2015 SK Telecom today announced that it extended its strategic collaboration with In...
KT, an ICT industry leader in Korea who has just commercialized GiGA LTE only a month ago, announced on the 9th that it now opened 5G R&D Center, equipped with the latest network equipment and professionals from global leading vendors, at its Woomyon Research Center in Seoul, to take the lead in development of 5G ecosystem around the world. Two months ago in May, the company executed MoUs...
KT announced on the 10th that its GiGA Wire technology, a telephone line-based Internet technology, was recently approved as an international standard at an ITU-T meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland. Technologies developed in accordance with international standards and applied accordingly are registered as official Technical Paper if approved by ITU-T. So, the approval of GiGA Wire tech...
For the rest of the Q3 2015 issue of Korea Communication Review magazine please click here As of April 2015, SK Telecom's mobile data traffic accounts for 44% of the entire mobile traffic in Korea (See Figure 1). Since the launch of LTE service, the company has experienced rapid growth of mobile traffic - more than tenfold from 5.7 PB in June 2011 (right before LTE service launch) to...
Now operators can boost both data transmission speeds and transmission reliability by having data transmitted from two LTE base stations at the same time. KT announced on the 8th that it successfully demonstrated an interworking technology between base stations called Dual Connectivity in partnership with Ericsson. Previously, base stations could interwork with each other only in the ways...
K Telecom today announced that its advanced indoor location-based service (LBS) platform ‘Wizturn’ is bringing innovative changes to the O2O market by enabling the development and launch of ‘WingK,’ a new type of indoor-based service for Korea’s largest bookstore chain Kyobo Book Center. Wizturn (www.wizturnhub.com) is SK Telecom’s home-grown beacon-based...
After 4 years of providing LTE service, LG U+ presented the world's first integrated video streaming service ‘LTE Video Portal' and a new IoT solution 'Home IoT Service' at a press conference held at its Yongsan headquarters on the 29th. At the conference, LG U+ Vice President Sang- chul Lee revealed his ambitious plans, stating: "With LTE Video Portal, LG U+ will...
SK Telecom-Nokia Networks Successfully Verify Key Enabling Technology for 5G Core Network Successfully verified core technology for ‘hybrid network architecture’ optimized for massive data transmission, laying a foundation to achieve early commercialization of 5G Opened ‘5G R&D Center’ to jointly study and develop key 5G technologies Plan to establish a test bed wit...
Samsung Electronics announced on the 25th that it will partner with SK Telecom, to develop a Software Defined Networking (SDN) proof of concept (PoC) for an LTE Core Network. Both companies have recently announced their plans to develop virtualized, software-based networking solutions. SDN is one of the hottest, and most interested next generation technologies, and many global players have...
A Generation where GiGA speed Internet is used through a copper landline is starting. It is predicted that this technology is rapidly developing due to preparation of standard for global technologies. It is forecasted that Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) service, which takes up 9% of all internet subscribers, will be changed rapidly. It is also predicted that GiGA Korea that...
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